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Movie Magic: 

The Sound of Music

Dani Geddes Photography Print Series

In March 2016 we flew from England to the heart of Austria and recreated the most iconic moments from the classic, THE SOUND OF MUSIC. We spent two days in Austria making these absolutley amazing memories. I will never forget the experiences we shared and how much this project meant to me. We had teamwork in the perfect creation of costume and the perfect casting in Talent, A huge thank you to everyone involved. I created a beautiful video to showcase all the moments we achieved from Behind the Scenes to final edits.

Photographed on location in Salzburg, Austria

Featuring: Cally as Maria

Lucy as Liesel

Jamie as Friedrich
Grace as Louisa
Leo as Kurt
Layla as Brigitta 
Lamissah as Marta 
Lillie as Gretl 


Costume Design Credit: Florieanna





Published Full Feature in the Summer 2016 Edition of Child Model Magazine

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