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Simplicity & Fine Art Sessions

Simplicity and Fine Art Sessions are a real focus on the classic portraiture, Inspired by Vintage paintings, The Styling and Of course the colours and vibes they create.

In simplicity I offer the chance to choose whether or not you'd like a "Light" theme or a "Dark" Theme, simply styled around the backdrop choice and the feel you wish to create in the imagery.

Basic Simplicity Portraits are also shot on Seemless paper and can be chosen if not wanting a large focus on the "painting" creative influence.

Simplicity sessions can be catered and styled for boys and girls and I offer Simplicity Sibling Session for a beautiful family portrait.

*My catalogue below shows my setups with and without a model, I have lightly edited the imagery but not in the forms I would attend to in a session, I created this catalogue to showcase the colours and texture true to the eye and proportion of height and width.*

DSC_4907 copy.jpg


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