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Dani Geddes

How do you find the words to describe a creative mind?

My Name is Dani Geddes I am 31 Years from Portsmouth, United Kingdom. For the past eleven years I have had this incredible adventure with the camera in 

hand creating magical memories with many children and their families.

Based in Portsmouth with a Home Studio, I work with all styles of photography

I love to challenge myself, I wouldn't hold myself to one particular area of it but I can say I have a very active imagination I love to lose myself in a story something powerful and with great meaning, some of my favourite work over the years has been achieving my "Movie Magic" Series where I do my own vision of a fantastic film out there, usually: Horror, but thats because its more fun to explore! 

I travel, all around the world I love meeting new people and reuniting with old faces I love to spend my time with various events especially the Child Model Magazine events in the USA. Many will not know I like to take many areas of this industry under my wing, I have been a promotional manager for children in the entertainment industry for 8 Years, having proudly worked with young people and helping them showcase the best of their work and achievements by giving them a platform to reach the world and share their successes through social media and the power of the internet. 


I also am proud to be the Senior Editor of Child Model Magazine following my journey owning a small online publication "Starbound" from 2013-2016  which I introduced primarily to educate parents on the industry and help them learn all the things they need to ensure their child has a safe direction. I am apart of a wonderful team, who not only believe in me and what I love to do with my creativity but the adventure will always be never ending from the next event to the next travel. 


I have also had the fun and experience in Fashion Design, being able to be creative with Fashion, I named a collection "The English Roses" tied together with the story of beauty, I was so lucky to have the help and guidance working with local business "Be Unique Be You" which helps enable young people to be creative with their ideas and bring fashion to life. I travelled to Paris, Puerto Rico, Myrtle Beach and Orlando with this beautiful collection showcasing on the runway and I am so proud of the journey we all took as it would never have been achievable without the children, parents, family and friend support and of course, Sherree who helped me bring it altogether. I also host an annual event "WALK THE WALK" a Fashion Runway Event to raise money and awareness for charity, In the past few years I have been proud to fundraise for Follow Your Dreams, and this year raise a mind blowing £14,000 for Naomi House and Jacks Place with the help of all the wonderful children who took part and designers from around the globe.

I love what I do, I have been on this bumpy rollercoaster of ups and downs with great accomplishments but most importantly the chance to watch young people become confident, grow and shine their inner beauty. Growing Up I never had the opportunity to reach anything like what I offer to children nowadays and I hope it brings them happiness and purpose. I cater for all ages and I work with families on bringing those special memories on special occasions all year round, I am lucky to have been published in media all over the world but I do not see myself as anything above anything I have experience just simply a girl with a huge heart for what she does, and Im excited to share that with anyone wishing to step through my door


Age: 31

PR Manager @ Phoenix and Ivy
Located: Portsmouth, UK
Educated: Mayfield School

South Downs College
Photographer, Creator, Website Design and Film Maker

As Seen in Vogue Italia, New York Times


Photography by Liz Clarke

Dani Geddes Photography - Behind the Scenes

Dani Geddes Photography - Behind the Scenes

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