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at Dani Geddes Photography

I need Headshot Updates for my childs agency which package do you reccommend?

If your child is an actor the "Acting Headshots" package is for you, this package include 3 looks captured with an actors theme to provide versatile looks and character.
For Models the most popular for quick and simple updates is the Studio Headshot package that is photographed on a solid white backdrop and includes 1 look in the studio.

For those who wish to make more of their visit you can select any of the portfolio packages that enable more than one look in each package that focuses both on headshots and full length approved by agencies. All my packages include edited images. Book Online.

Do I have to pay extra for the photos?

No, My photoshoot pacakges are inclusive of a number of edited photos. Clients have the option to purchase more from their session if requested but not obligated.

What do I bring to your photoshoot?

Dependent on the package booked, I always encourage clients to pack a little suitcase of options of their home wardrobe. For shoots in the industry packages like Headshots and Portfolio I advise bright colours, denim jeans and anything that may provide a unique quirk to the look. I don't encourage packing anything black and I also don't reccommend any logos. Footwear is just as important especially for portfolio packages as I photograph head to toe. I have a number of items available to hire in studio for girls in sizes 4-14 years. I also do hold a collection of shoes sized 10 - 6. Bring your child water and a snack. For those who book the ultimate model day package lunch is included. Visit the Inside the Studio page to see what my working space looks like.

Can I hire clothing from the studio?

Yes, I have this option for girls in sizes 4-14 years. I cater for fashion outfits that can be utilised for headshots and portfolio. I have fun styling for my Edge and creative sessions and I have a large number of luxury dresses from designers around the world. View the dress book online.

I do not offer this service for boys at this time. (excluding edge sessions)


I can't do hair? What do I do?

Over the years I have learnt what hairstyles and looks can be fantastic for camera, I do makeup from light coverage for tired eyes to creative makeup for an artistry look. I offer this as an additional styling service to any package. Some have a fixed optional fee for the package I provide and others have it added for an additional £10.00 per look.


How long will it take to get my edited photos?

I work with an average of 4-6 week turn around time. Dependent on the time of year It will vary. I offer an optional fee of having photos processed within 2 weeks for a flat fee of £50.00 additional to any package.


How can we sign up for your next workshop?

Model Minds was created in 2014 it is a day bringing children and teens together for an exciting experience of creativity within photography. I try to host 2 a year and usually host them in April and October time. My sign up is released around 2-3 months before the workshop date and is first come first served with a non-refundable deposit paid. The day usually sees around 35 Models with no experience needed working on set and it is a whole lot of fun! It does not take place in my studio I hire a public venue that is currently being hosted at the Village Hotel Portsmouth.


Your not in London do you travel?

I have a home built studio located in Portsmouth, UK where I am able to work my magic with the space and the large number of collected props, backdrops and clothing to make my photoshoots signature. I do travel around the world for my work and I have hosted weekends across the UK in London, Reading, Wales and Manchester. Keep an eye on my facebook group and social media for more info on any upcoming travel dates near you.


I paid a deposit but I can no longer make my shoot, what happens?

I offer a rebook service for any of my packages booked via the website. You can reschedule your session without fee for an upcoming date. This does however have a lifespan and you are entitled to rebook your session within 3 months. After this time deposits are not valid for a future booking.

All registration with the Model Minds workshop is non-refundable it cannot be passed over to an upcoming workshop as your deposit held a place for the event.


Do you print photos? Can I print photos?

I love to see my work printed but in a digital age I have seen it be more for the needs of social media than the living room wall. I do not offer a service to print your photos direct or as part of a package you are given a copyright document that enables you to print if you wish from an external provider.


Do you photograph Weddings, Parties or Events?

Unfortunately Wedding photography is not for me. I am however able to be booked for children's birthday parties and special events, the most popular has been my red carpet service that I setup at the event and photograph children and their guests during the party. I provide the setup, backdrop and red carpet and ropes this can be booked by contacting me direct to seek availability. I also provide a "Photo Booth Pop Up" where I bring a backdrop and a box of props to photograph guests.

Please Note* I only work with children's events. Please contact me direct for further info.


Do you photograph Adults too?

No, I am a childrens photographer and at this time do not offer services for adults.


I have an idea can you make it happen?

Of Course! I am a creative heart and will welcome the chance to create something custom for the shoot experience for your child. All you need to do is send me a message and I can help guide you to the right package booking with cost.


Do you offer Video Services?

Yes! I offer Showreels they are always lots of fun, I provide two services one for Models and one for actors for full information please visit my showreels page!

I also provide the opportunity to any young and talented singers and musicians by the filming of a unique Music Video. Please contact me for information on this service.


What backdrops do you have? Can I Choose?

I am happy to admit I have over 260 different backdrops in the studio. I have a variation from different scenes for themed and artistry creation settings. To Simplicity and Fine Art Portraits with textures and wall. To a rainbow of solid colour paper backdrops for any occassion. I have most of my backdrops available to view online my website you can visit the catalogue on the backdrop page.


How do we participate in Movie Magic?

Movie Magic is my proud series of work that focuses on a TV or Film Project. I love to challenge myself with these from time to time when I can spare a moment for creative thought. When I announce a project I cast for the roles for likeness to the characters I am trying to portray in imagery. I do this via my facebook group keep an eye out for anything upcoming.

I am open to Movie Magic custom requests but can be arranged via direct contact.


Are you an agent? How can my child work with you for TFP?

I am not a Model or Talent Agent. I am familiar with a number of agencies around the world and have their requirement for photographs for client updates. If you are unrepresented but seek an agency I can guide you with a list of recommendations on your shoot day. I am however a proud manager of Promotional Management: Phoenix and Ivy and currently represent 9 Talents from across the UK.

I don't do a lot of time for print (TFP) but when I do I advertise for models on my facebook group or social network feed. If your child is restricted with their agent on what work they are entitled to outside of their agency booking please do not apply. 

I like to work with children for fun and experience and see each session as a fun way to grow confidence and seek children with enthusiasm and interest for the shoot. 


Do you work with Brands, Boutiques and Independent Designers?

Yes I do! I have proudly worked with a number of stellar Children's fashion designers from around the world I enjoy this work promoting and creating for any of the brands needs. I can be contacted direct for any opportunity of working within this field.


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