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Inside the Studio

at Dani Geddes Photography

Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to

expand in my own home. Of course I dream of a beautiful 

commercial space in my future but for right now this

is my little cove where all the magic happens.

The studio experience is unique and created to keep

children comfortable in a space thats not intimidating

and hopefully the opposite being all the more welcoming

I work with both natural light and studio strobe lighting

and I have over 140+ Photography backdrops from my

scenic sets to plain colours, textures and fine art textures.

I also store clothing available for hire and catered for

girls in ages 4-16 years.

I have been fortunate to have beautiful luxury couture

gowns from all over the world and continue my working

relationships with childrens fashion brands around the 

world enabling children the chance to add something

special to their experience.

Sessions range from 40mins to 2 hours and all take

place inside my studio or made personally to location

preference for outdoor requests.


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