the dress book

Welcome to the Dani Geddes Photography Studio Dress Book a place where I store a visual catalogue to all the beautiful creations I store right here in the Aladdins Cave of wonderful styling available to hire for your little stars. I created this purely for the purpose as the collection became a little out of hand a few years ago when I had way too many to keep bringing to workshops to hang and offer the choice to hire on the day, now I have this for anybody wishing to prepare for their workshop looks in advance, red carpet or for their private photo session with me. I also have the option for you to hire these dresses for any special occasion for your child whether it be a Party, Premiere, Concert or Special Performance. Please feel free to contact me for further info on this and we can arrange it. I am SO lucky to work so many great and talented designers around the globe whom I just love to offer the chance for the children to have the opportunity to place dress up and feel ROYAL. I also have a part of the Studio Wardrobe dedicated to Fashion Styling that I use for the purpose of Portfolio updates/ Headshots and Edge styling in case you are worried you haven't got the right combination or missing a piece you are welcome to view the additional options and of course the final touches, Shoes! which I seem to have accumulated a large amount of in the past couple of years. Trendy accessories and finishing touches make the statement! Have fun browsing!

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Some of my dresses vary in sizing due to the way they have been made in the back of the dresses. Some have a tie up back which means they can range in age. Some you will see both in the younger and older categories.

A massive thank you to the wonderful children who have assisted me on shooting the clothing for the purpose of the dress book to advertise what I have in my ever bursting wardrobes!

Reegan Davies, Ella Lee, Sienna Maicie, Isla-Faye, Leia, India Sienna Rose, Billy, Isla Kelley, Mia, Lily turner, Rosie Davies Faith Breese, Lamissah La-Shontae, Shanaya, Sofia Holmes, Stella, Karina, Lillie Faith, Emily Felton, Freya Jasmine, India Helley, Molly Tattersall, Eliza, Sydney Sharpe, Jessica Odonegan, Poppy Larking, Amara Clarke, Molly Jasmine, Grace Maloney, Cally Warren, Isabella Evans, Layla Cowie, Brooke Patterson-Reynolds, Harriett Colle and Emily Dorey.