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Movie Magic: Silent Hill

Dani Geddes Photography Print Series

This entire project was my first real tase of the love for working with Horror in the art form of Photography. Silent Hill was a current favourite film of mine, my friend Jodelle Ferland starred as Alessa/Dark Alessa and I almost had the film apart of my heart as the shared experience watching the success of that come to life. This was my first time working with Maisie and she bought such a harrowing and powerful feel to the character of Dark Alessa and Lilah brought that pure innocence and vulnerability. I immediately found it exciting to explore. We photographed on a location that was part museum and everything in the surroundings just seemed to fit the story of the scene recreations from the film. We photographed in January of 2014 and I have such memorable moments and successes from this set of pictures. I still host the arguement to this day with Jodelle that the uniform is Blue when she says its purple (because she wore it).


Photographed on Location in Portsmouth, UK

These Images were published in Child Model Magazine in 2014 and was my very first piece of work ever published with them.

Featuring:  Maisie and Lilah

Costume Design Credit: Models Own




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