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Welcome to the Studio Fashion Wardrobe... OPEN SESAME .. Yep. I finally got around to photographing all the little pieces that I own that help me make some of the moments that are the factor of the picture perfect moments in the areas of photography that are catered for the more "generic" well. What I mean by that is the Portfolio/Casual/Fashion, WITH a bright touch of interesting colour pop and "Tiny Trendsetter" Fashion! I enjoy styling and whether that be for my #EDGE sessions, Portfolio Packages or just the simple headshot updates its always rewarding to give parents to different take with a dose of something a little out there. Lots of these bits and bobs below are a mixture of items I have collected and stored in the studio that I have mismatched and layered over time. Tops, Skirts, Bottoms, Dresses and complete outfits (quite honestly I photographed it all to remind myself what I have) but it is quite helpful for anyone planning or anyone looking for something that might take the eye to see something different. I included some pictures of my work below in this slideshow to see some of these items in action in some of the kids updates/fashion sessions styled in various ways. 

8-9 / 9-10 YEARS

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