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Movie Magic: Poltergeist

Dani Geddes Photography Print Series

Following my true love for the creation of some horror inspired material the revised release of Poltergeist was being released in the Summer of 2015, I had seen the trailer and thought the new character of Maddy looked alot like Lamissah, with her recent interest in character work we had a lot of fun bringing this together, though it definately wasnt easy. Lamissah had a fun clip in fringe for her look and her mum had to help us on set with being able to capture a moment where it looks like she is being dragged up the stairs, much to Lamissahs excitement it was quite a different project that required that little more in energy and acting. I really loved how these final images came out.

Photographed in Studio

Featuring: Lamissah as Maddy

Costume Design Credit: Models Own

Behind the Scenes Photos by Zohra




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