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Movie Magic: Ouija:
Origin of Evil

Dani Geddes Photography Print Series

This was such a large scaled project, We storyboarded carefully frame by frame from each scene we wanted to recreate. Photographed all in studio I knew it was my challenge to bring the scenery to life. At this point, 5 Years into the love of making movie magic lots of people would ask me, but how? how did you do that? so when making this project I focused on sharing the experience of just how we do it from the makeup to the scene to the final images linking with the film clips. Many think its dead scary for children to do something like this but as you can see by the video below we all had a fun day on some paper in a studio :)

Photographed in Studio

Featuring: Lamissah as Doris
Romy as Lina 

Costume Design Credit: Be Unique Be You, Models Own, French Toast

Hair and Makeup Credits: NouNouBell MUA and Styled by Stallard




DSC_5423 copy_new copy.jpg
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