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Personality Showreels 

Being a film student at college I have always had a keen spirit for the eye of film and it seems to work perfectly with the work of photography.
For many children in the industry the element of a showreel is a neccessity for acting and introduction but I have felt that a simple headshot hasn't ever quite introduced the captivating personalities I have met over the years. I introduced the "MINI MODEL REELS" back in 2018 and they have been really popular. They are created within a suitable length to portray a fun way to show your Childs personality in a natural and casual way. Filmed on set with a variety of looks and a range of scenes. I seem to do them all in a little unique way and they always catered for them. 
They are able to be uploaded to their spotlight profile for a video reel and they can also be uploaded to IMDB and their social networks. There is no speaking role in this its simply them having some fun to some music on the day of filming and then me creating the magic after in post production editing.