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I have always been a keen Media and Film Student growing up, making many short films as a child at school and through college. With the love and passion I share with photography ever now I then I get the chance to explore the art of film through what I do. I am proud to have challenged myself and everyone who has joined me on a project to make the film complete. Its always been tough, but so rewarding when you reach the final cut.


A Mini Series created in the celebration of Halloween "Sleepy Hallows" is an 8 Part Season with every episode a new story from the book "The Sleepy Hallows" as told by a group of children at a sleepover. Episodes release weekly online Facebook and distribute via Youtube.com



Episode List - Season One
1.1 The Lost Souls
1.2 The Thing Called IT
1.3 The Town Called Amityville 
1.4 The Girl with the China Doll

1.5 The Number Thirteen
1.6 The Girl Named Mary 
1.7 The Game of Hide and Seek
1.8 Maybels Curse


Every Wednesday



Ella Lee as Aria

katinka Mcdowell as Isabel

mya grace hellbent as ruby

iliria krasniqi as Charlotte

Lillie Faith as Girl in graveyard

Madison McDougall as drowned girl

Charlie Matthews as georgie
Lily Turner as Storyteller
Lilly Hawkins as Jessica
Lacey Findlow as Bethany
Reegan Davies as Jodie
Romy Stallard as Girl Ghost
India Williams as China Doll
Lyla Jo as Evil China Doll
Freya Ann Duffield as Willow
Sophia Tailor as Lucy

tilliah Gard as little girl

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