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Movie Magic: Peter Pan

Dani Geddes Photography Print Series

Peter Pan a childhood classic, from its Cartoon form to my personal favourite film adaptation.

There have been many perceptions of Peter Pan over the years especially viewing the many versions myself growing up. Upon the summer of 2014 I thought it be a fun experience to bring some of the characters to life. We had a lot of fun photographing on location in Staunton Park, Hampshire where we all made a little magic come to life.

This was apart of my Halloween 2014 Presentation.

Entitled "Peter Pan and the Fairies"

Featuring: Tait as Peter Pan

Cally as Captain Hook

Leah as Wendy 
Remie as Tiger Lily 
Kieran as John

Grace, Khiara, Fallon, Farrah, Romy, Faith, Phoebe, Amy, Lillie, Keeleigh, Kacey, Kayden, Tayla-Mai, Ruby and Molly as The Lost Girls and the Fairies.


Costume Design Credit: Be Unique Be You


Hair and Makeup: Styled by Stallard


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