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Movie Magic: 

The Book Thief

Dani Geddes Photography Print Series

My first Movie Magic that was cast online. I had fell in love with the beautiful and empowering film only weeks before and I searched for my perfect Liesel. Online I cast and where I found my the perfect look alike and talent Charlie. We worked outside on location and I had been made aware that she has autism which may make the process a little more challenging for all of us. But I was completly blown away, Charlie channelled this character it was like she transformed, she connected to the story, the meaning and most importantly the emotion. This set of images are amongst my very favourites as a whole in my Movie Magic series. I felt we nailed every moment perfectly.

Photographed on Location: Old Portsmouth, England​

Featuring: Charlie

Costume Design Credit: Models Own

Published in DARK BEAUTY MAGAZINE 2015




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