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Movie Magic: Annabelle


Dani Geddes Photography Print Series

YAY! Another Halloween Horror Focus, the first of the Annabelle movies scared me to death Im not a fan of dolls and never will be. But I did tune into Annabelle: Creation (I even went to the cinema) It was a lot better working out the story behind the haunting and where it all started and I found it really emotional and sad. I love creating powerful moments in my photography to have my audience feel something. I know I was moved by the film so there began my movie magic journey. I hosted an online casting as now the exciting announcement of a Movie Magic project gets lots of interest however many always say I work with the same faces and that may well be, but only because they put their hands up and jump right in there. I hosted online auditions and I was sent a number of tapes from lots of talented children across the country. I had the pleasure of working with my final cast. Below is a small teaser as my final images are getting ready for release with the behind the scenes video. We originally photographed this in November 2017 and a year on its taken all this time to perfect and release in the best way I can possibly reach people.

Photographed on Location: Portsmouth UK and in Studio

Featuring: Angel as Janice

Tilliah as Bee

Lamissah as Linda 
Romy, Emily, Honey, Chloe and Amara

Costume Design Credit: Be Unique Be You

Behind the Scenes filmed by Liz Clarke






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