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Movie Magic:

A Little Princess

Dani Geddes Photography Print Series

A Little Princess is a well known classic, I had so much fun casting this in the spring of 2016 finding my perfect faces to best match the characters portrayed in the film. We photographed both in Studio and on Location and I made a video to showcase the moments of the film alongside the moments we shot. The story is not only emotionally powerful its a true depiction of friendship. I had the pleasure of working with a number of very talented children and I thank them and their families for helping me bring it all to life.

Photographed in Studio and on Location at The Groundlings Theatre Portsmouth

Featuring: Ava as Sara 
Misha as Becky
Breeze as Lottie

Lamissah as Lavinia
Tayla Mai as Ermengarde 
Matilda, Isla, Molly, Darcey, Faith, Sienna, Ruby and Jasmine as the School Girls

Costume Design Credit: Florrieanna






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