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Movie Magic: 

Stranger Things

Dani Geddes Photography Print Series

Based on the Popular Netflix Show STRANGER THINGS I started to develop this in the autumn of 2017. Fearful I couldnt quite do it justice when you have a powerful character like Eleven who is so distinctive in appearance. WELL little did I know the power of Facebook.... I was sent a photo of young Michaela and her mum said, she loves the show and here she is dressed as Eleven for Halloween this year, I looked and looked again, this girl was practically eleven was she joking with me? Nope, it turned out michaela lived just down the road from me and had recently cut her hair short for better regrowth. AND. she was a SUPER FAN! I then had another tough one, casting the boys of the show, where would I find boys who fit the appearance but who would actually want to do this with me? It was a struggle a few boys came forward but not enough to bring these characters to life. So, instead... I cast girls, who played boys and we had the best time ever doing this! All the kids did their absolute best in appearing as close to the characters as possible from wigs to hats to eye contacts EVER so proud of this series and the newly released video that shows behind the scenes and then the final images!

Photographed on Location: Hilsea Portsmouth and In Studio

Featuring: Michaela as Eleven
Lamissah as Will
Twinkle as Mike
Ella as Lucas 
Sienna as Dustin


Costume Design Credit: Models Own and Lavender Rose

Behind the Scenes Photos by Zohra




DSC_2736 copy.jpg


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