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Over the past 5 Years the Dani Geddes Model Workshop experiences have been a popular and inspiring day for young people.

I first hosted my model workshop in the Summer of 2014 and I have had so much fun bringing a similar experience every half term since. Many children and teens now are having the exciting opportunities of working around the country in TFP and paid work experiences and I really value everyone who has the chance to participate. However with the workshops Ive created its a focus on those who may not get the welcomed opportunities or to be so fortunate to be chosen frequently that enables them a day to really have fun and be in the spotlight.

I have rebranded my workshops for 2019, MODEL MINDS is my new workshop experience and this is just to clarify that I work these days for any child who would like to step on set and be creative. I am not searching for experienced models to accommodate a project of mine it is quite the opposite its a day created with 3 themes and a celebration red carpet of hard work and joint creativity.

The themes are chosen by myself and the parents and children who sign up to attend have the freedom of their joint creativity to bring their look to life however they imagine, taking my theme and bringing their own touch to make it unique to them.

I am proud of what a workshop day will stand for in joining the parent and childs quality time but enabling art and creations that they thought they could never be able to achieve! I try to host my workshops upon a weekend in the school holidays every half term and aim to host a 2 Day "Intensive" Workshop in the Summer Holidays enabling a studio and location experience.

Every workshop hosts 3 Creative Looks, I usually try and keep one to fashion as useful to anyones developing portfolio, I like to theme with in season and trend and I also like to a real artistic focus. The children are placed into Groups on the day and each group are called to work with me in the theme. This enables children to observe each other and also gain confidence from seeing that everyone else is doing exactly what they are there to do. My favourite part about the day is seeing the children make friends, as most importantly I aim to give them an enjoyable experience.

We finish with a Red Carpet where all the parents are invited to watch they walk and feel like the stars they are and can choose from elaborate fashion or their own choice of clothing. We have an awards session where every one who participates recieves a certificate of participation and a medal. We then recognise

X3 Model Recognition Awards
X3 Most Creative Awards
X3 Best on Red Carpet Awards
X3 Best Red Carpet Fashion Awards
Best in Each Group Award
and Best in Theme Award


We also host 2 Photo Competitions in two themes of creativity that give prizes in future photoshoot opportunities and gift experiences in the industry.

It's a challenging day but so fulfilling when you reflect on what truly has been accomplished. Parents stay with their children all day, we have hair and makeup services available as extra and we have the chance to hire from my beautiful collection of dresses and outfits.

Every model receives 6 Photo Edits from each theme and unlimited from the Red Carpet experience.


Workshop is a popular event and I use the power of Social Media to share my announcement for sign up. Usually a sign up day will be full on the day of sharing and I always advise anyone interested to join my group online as I post updates leading up to the workshop telling all time and date of the chance to sign up. 
Every Sign Up requires a £15.00 Non Refundable Deposit to secure a place