One Day, Packed full of creative fun, learning experiences, industry opportunities, confidence boosts, meeting new friends and making new memories.

9am - The Morning Session - Learning Experience

Children work with Dani Geddes on Industry Workshop experience, this will range from anything to do with key areas of the industry, from Agency Castings to Runway Training, Acting and Monologues, Self Tapes and Direction and Set Exploration and Red Carpet and Interview. Within this morning session children attend in simple White Top, Jeans and Flat Shoes, there will be one focus upon each workshop day and each workshop will provide a different focus to be sure to make it a different experience for each event. Dani will be thorough in teaching every aspect with guidance and understanding to these areas within the industry to help grow confidence for the children.

12pm. - The Afternoon Session - Creative Modelling Experience 

Upon Sign Up Dani will set Two Creative Modelling themes. These will be guideline for parents of models to work with their children on creating their vision of the theme to bring to set. They create themselves however they wish to convey their story with costume, headpieces, props for Dani to capture on a built set in a studio built environment. Children are placed into groups and are photographed individually. Once all groups have completed the first theme, Dani will prepare for the set change for the second Creative theme and recall the groups in their given order. 


The Final part of the day is celebrated with a fun filled Red Carpet event that celebrates the childrens hard work and have them feel like celebrities as they walk down the red carpet as the stars they are. Every child is given a certificate and medal of participation at all workshops. We have additional awards given to those on the day in some categories we wish to highlight.

1. Workshop Day Is Suitable for Ages 5-18 Years

2. Boys and Girls are Welcome

3. No Experience needed

4. Located in Portsmouth, UK

5. Workshops Usually
host around 40 Children on a Typical Event Day

6. Children are asked to bring their own outfits but are able to hire from my Dress Hire
collection for a small fee

7. Workshop Fee is £100.00 Per Child and includes 6 Edited Images from Each Look
And Highlights from the Learning Session and Red Carpet

8. a £20 deposit is paid upon sign up and is first come first served no spaces are confirmed without a deposit and all deposits are non refundable.

9. The day runs from 9am-5.30pm
parents are required to stay and bring children food and drink we have tea and coffee and juice in the community kitchen for all.

10. hair and makeup, custom headpieces and creative support are all available upon request as additional services from external partners. and is provided as additional contact upon sign up.



We have a team who work with Dani on the day of workshop observing the childrens performance who help select those in the following categories.

X3 in Model Recognition 

Taking into consideration who stands out overall in the themes with effort in their work consistently in the themes and within their groups.

X3 in Most Creative 
Taking into consideration not just the fashion they are wearing but what they choose to do with their movement, placement and direction overall themes.

X3 Best on Red Carpet
The Models who show great understanding of movement and personality and confidence on the red carpet.

X3 Best Red Carpet Fashion
Our choice of 3 Models Fashion that stand out on the Red Carpet Theme.

Best In Group Awards
A Certificate and Medal is awarded to one child in each group that was stood out in their group.

Best in Theme Awards
A Certificate and Medal is awarded to one child in each theme who stood out in each theme.

Also Awarded During these Experience Days are:

DESTINATION TICKETS - The Chance to Travel with Dani Geddes Photography on a Future "Destination Adventure Project around the world"

MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME - Be Invited to work One on One with Dani Geddes Photography in a chance to build with confidence and skill in promotional modelling.


NEW FOR 2022 At every workshop we have had fun hosting a small Photo Contest upon registration to stretch the opportunities for the children participating. NOW we have stepped it up and have transformed it into a keepsake for the children and their parents.


Upon the Sign Up post we announce our Shutterbug Photo Contest Themes. 
You can enter, One, or both. 
You bring your photo (s) entry to registration in print form with your Childs name on the back and the theme contest you wish to enter it in.
It is £5.00 to enter One Photo to One Contest

or £10.00 to enter Unlimited to One Contest

The photo contest is NOT judged by Dani. 

The Top 5 Will be selected and in amongst the 5 selected will be the WINNER. 

One Competition theme will have a PRIZE that will win the COVER of MODEL MINDS MAGAZINE yes you heard right! Bringing back this beloved publication from our 2016 Classes feels me with joy. This prize will be a photo chosen by Dani from the workshop experience and will be the COVER. Inside the winning Model will have a featured spread with their winning image, an interview and more.
The Top 5 in BOTH contests will all be featured inside the magazine with Spotlight Double Feature spreads. 
The Prize of the other competition will vary from workshop to workshop but will always be industry focused and one of their images from workshop will be featured on the BACK cover of the Magazine. 
Everybody who participates where permission grants will be featured inside the publication. 
The magazine will be available to download for FREE Digitally, or to buy in Print form delivered to your door. It was a little touch of an idea I thought would be just ideal for those wishing to add to their keepsakes for their children as they grow whether they choose to be apart of the industry when they grow up or not.

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